Why May….

This year has been even more fantastic than previous. A total explosion of green! And now entering June, the green parade just continuous..


Upstair updates…

The attic has been updated this winter to improve further the time for our guests at Sörgärdet 🙂

Walls/roofs painted, floor lists on place, electricity in a cupboard and new comfortable double bed (160 cm).

We hope it will inspire to good nights sleep as well as nice time for play, reading books or a chat around the childrens mini table and chairs 🙂

The wooden soap washed floor is lovely to walk on with bare feet summertime (winter time it is coooold…)

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Bohuslän inspires!

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If you have not yet been to Bohuslän it is time to get here. Great nature, wide range of sports activities and great places to vist, stay and eat at.

Here follows some pages to look at, and films, for information and inspiration.





http://www.vastsverige.com/sok/#/?query=ljungskile (svenska)
http://www.vastsverige.com/en/search/#/?query=ljungskile (english)
http://www.vastsverige.com/de/suchen/#/?query=ljungskile (deutsch)

10 tips to visit

Cultural tips

Restaurants in Bohuslän

Some places specifically in Ljungskile

www.musselbaren.se – great mussels great place!
www.villasjotorp.se – beautiful old house, view and food
www.instagram.com/cafefloraljungskile/ – beautiful cakes and more..!
www.sprudla.net – charming interior boutique
www.karrstegensgard.se – creative and inspirational interior and cafe

Post Easter…

At easter we had a BIG fire on the field and grilled sausages outside for 70 persons!
Some signs of the event are still available 🙂 The surrounding is a bit rough still. But just wait. The green is soon taking over and wild life really wakes up in April and May!

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