Memories in a door

The cottage is more than a house. It carries memories of moments and memories by items.
The door to the bathroom is a memory of my long gone grandparents house in Brottkärr outside Gothenburgh. It was a small and old house, similar in age to Sörgärdet and then nice and carefully rebuilt to a Year around house in the early 70ies.
This door was saved from the first version of the house and kept in a storage for decades (my grand parents loved good handicraft) – until Sörgärdet needed a door :-).
It could not be used as a normal door as it was deformed and we needed a sliding function under the stairs – and so we made this version.
And the reason for not painting it is just because if it’s history.
Memories in a door.

(Today the area around my grandparents house is crowded with big and fashionable houses. A contrast from once a small summer cottage place with just fields around…as it was when I grew up)



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