2016 in a square…


Updates (or olddates)…

The bedroom downstairs has new beds, larger and more comfy. And with an old style frame. Heavy iron beds from approx 1910-20. And at the same time the sleepers gets an updated and greater view over the fields outside.


Updates and remakes

During low season and winter the house needs some care and fix and it also gets some updates just to make it more comfortable and cosy. Now we have started to remake the living room some. There are for example no more excuses not to pick the fantastic and eatable mushrooms in the surrounding 🙂


September vibes

Did I say that May is my favorite month? Well then September is the second one.
Beautiful mornings with crispy air and sun shining, drying the moisture from the chilly nights away… It is like being in the middle of a fairy tale driving, or walking, through the woods and the fields… Deers jumping close by – but too quickly to be able to catch it with the camera. Just imagine 🙂




A Berries and Chanterelle year!

This year has been amazing. So many Raspberries growing around the cottage. And so many Chantarelles lighting up in bright yellow in the woods.

Now Blackberries soon are ready as well and the huge American Blueberries have we been able to pick the last two weeks (close to the play house). Pure happiness created by nature 🙂