Details and interiors

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I tend to believe that details makes a different.
That you create a good feeling with objects.
Sometimes with functionality but often just for the beauty of the eye.
Or a match (or mix) to the house and time…


Chilly autumn

Now it is getting more and more chilly. Air is clear and the surrounding is quiet and still green but with orange and red parts of the nature.

When chilly inside the fireplaces are fantastic to use. In the kitchen the old iron stove gives a great warmth and in the living room the open fire place gives both cosy feeling and heating effect.

Right now Sörgärdet is without guests and full cleaning and some renovation and improvements are taking place!
The kitchen will be somehow updated and also the loft and attic will be slightly improved. Stay tuned..

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Memories in a door

The cottage is more than a house. It carries memories of moments and memories by items.
The door to the bathroom is a memory of my long gone grandparents house in Brottkärr outside Gothenburgh. It was a small and old house, similar in age to Sörgärdet and then nice and carefully rebuilt to a Year around house in the early 70ies.
This door was saved from the first version of the house and kept in a storage for decades (my grand parents loved good handicraft) – until Sörgärdet needed a door :-).
It could not be used as a normal door as it was deformed and we needed a sliding function under the stairs – and so we made this version.
And the reason for not painting it is just because if it’s history.
Memories in a door.

(Today the area around my grandparents house is crowded with big and fashionable houses. A contrast from once a small summer cottage place with just fields around…as it was when I grew up)


Sunny September day

Yesterday was a fantastic day with sun and clear blue sky. The day after the storm Henrik… Contrasts!
The yellow flowers are blooming and gives energy to the place. The view over the field is green. And when leaving the house two beautiful deers stood looking at me at Norgärdet…

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Beautiful autumn

Sörgärdet is actually on its peak in both May and September if you ask me. The clear and crispy air and the flowers and green plants that explode in spring and develop in September is very nice indeed. Today the Clematis were blooming as well as still the “Luktärt” by the front door. Grass is green (in the process of being cut) and the blackberrys on the backside starts to be ready to eat and the woods are filled with the yellow gold :-).

Also the small playhouse is ready for a chat over lemonade and cookies…


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